Hypnobirthing course for women

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Price per person
2450 Kc ?(Price is for 1 person)

One day Hypnobirthing course is suitable for women that have already been to our two day course and would like to refresh Hypnobirthing techniques. This course is also suitable for women who have lots of information about birth, have been prior to a good antenatal birth preparation and would like to learn only hypnobirthing techniques.

This course is for women only.

The main focus of this course is on relaxations, visualisations, affirmations and breathing exercises.

When should I take the course?

The ideal time to attend the course is when you are between 16 and 34 weeks pregnant.

It is never too late to take our course …..but don’t put it off too long!

You will at least have enough time to think about everything and practice the hypnobirthing techniques. You might want to find your own doula or midwife…so come as soon as possible.

If you only learn about us towards the end of your pregnancy…..stay calm. We also offer private courses, both in person and online.

What will the course give me?

  • carefully compiled printed materials,
  • 12 exclusive MP3 tracks to practice the relaxation and visualization techniques,
  • continuous support over the phone or by email up until your baby is born,
  • personal client account on our website containing supplementary information and tips,
  • special client discounts on products from our online shop and other educational webinars,
  • bonus gift.

How do I sign up for the course?

Click on “book a course” and choose a place and date of your course. Notice also the dates on the right side of the screen. After you fill in the sign-up form, you will get a confirmation email. When you log in, you will have access to much more information and bonuses. You will also find audio tracks in your account after your course.

The foundation of our philosophy is that a “positive birthing experience” is a state of mind and is not only defined by what is happening during labour, but also by how the woman feels after the baby is born. We want to empower all pregnant women and their partners to believe in themselves and their decision which is based on enough information. The decisions that will lead to achieving the best possible birth for you and your baby.

Please note that we welcome all parents to our courses. It makes us really sad when we get messages asking if people of different backgrounds, sexual orientation or colour would be welcome. You are all very welcome and we will look forward meeting you!

Rozvrh kurzu

  • Find out what is Hypnobirthing
  • We will explore inherited beliefs and misconceptions about childbirth
  • You will learn to achieve deep relaxation
  • You will understand how to release endorphins at birth - your own body anesthetic
  • We will go through hypnobirthing techniques designed to relieve anxiety, fear, and boos your confidence
  • We will practice breathing techniques that will help your body at every stage of birth and birth
  • We will focus on special visualization techniques that you will not find in any other hypnobirthing program
  • You will connect to your baby and start communicating with him or her