Complete antenatal birth preparation with Hypnobirthing – English course

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5 950 Kč
4 950 Kč

Complete antenatal birth preparation with Hypnobirthing usually takes place on weekends and is divided into 2 days each lasting 8 hours. This two-day course is designed for couples and individuals. The course includes hypnobirthing techniques that will help you stay calm and relaxed during relaxation through visualizations, relaxations, affirmations and breathing techniques.

The group course is designed for a maximum of 10 couples, but it is also possible to take it privately or online.

Preparing for childbirth is a long-term process that basically begins with the course. The techniques that women will learn in the course require regular practice.

More information and course dates are here:

Group sessions and private sessions in Czech republic are run by Anna Vrsnik:

Online course is run by Michaela Kalusova:

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Den 1

  • You will learn about Hypnobirthing
  • We will examine inherited beliefs and misconceptions about childbirth
  • You will learn how to achieve deep relaxation
  • You will understand the physiology of childbirth and how stress affects the outcome of childbirth
  • You will understand how to release endorphins during childbirth - your body's own anesthetic
  • We will go through hypnotic techniques designed to relieve anxiety, fear and boost self-confidence
  • We will practice breathing techniques that will help your body at every stage of childbirth and birth
  • We will focus on special visualization techniques that you will not find in any other hypnosis birth program

Den 2

  • We will go through physical preparation for childbirth and relaxation exercises
  • You will experience a light touch relaxation with a partner
  • Your partner will learn how to become a great childbirth partner and how he can effectively support you during childbirth
  • We will go through key stages of childbirth and birth
  • You will connect to the baby and start communicating with him
  • We'll talk about birth plan
  • Let's talk about how care takes place in Czech maternity hospitals
  • Introduction to the postpartum period